Cincinnati’s Finest Walk-in Freezer Services

Your business depends on functioning equipment. From the stovetop to the ice machine, any faulty equipment throws off your daily schedule. As you maintain your appliances, don’t underestimate the importance of your walk-in freezer. You need it to work every day so you can keep food fresh before you prepare and serve it.

Even with careful maintenance, your business may need walk-in freezer service in Cincinnati from time to time. At Valley Refrigeration, we work with local kitchens, restaurants, and other businesses. Our top priority is to keep their kitchen machinery up and running.

Rely on Our Team for Freezer Fixes

If you have a walk-in freezer, you may run into any of the following problems. When you do, give our office a call for prompt and reliable repairs.

  • • Your freezer isn’t cold enough. Perhaps your power source is failing or the defrost timer has a problem. Whatever the case, our experts will troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
  • • Frost build-up blocks air flow. This problem likely stems from a damaged door gasket. Count on our team to find the solution.
  • • Your compressor runs constantly. A problem with the thermostat or compressor can be difficult to identify. Our team will locate the source of the issue and take care of it.

Cooling appliances are a specialty of ours, so we’ve identified and repaired freezer problems like these many times. Our experience means our team can handling any freezer repair-big or small. We have been offering our service since 1937, and we will happily provide walk-in freezer service in Cincinnati and help you replace your equipment if necessary.

Schedule an Appointment for Walk-in Freezer Service in Cincinnati

We want to repair your freezer so that it can return to keeping food cold. Visit our website at, email us at for information and/or service, or give us a call and we’ll be on site at the earliest possible time. Reach us at 513-733-1188 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.