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Your commercial-grade ice machine seems convenient and simple enough to operate until it breaks. Only then do you see and recognize all the complicated elements that play a role in the machine’s functionality. Your ice machine connects to an ongoing supply of water, and that supply could lead to some serious problems if you don’t schedule repairs.

Like it or not, you will need commercial ice machine repair in Cincinnati at some point. But the professionals at Valley Refrigeration can provide that without a problem.

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Here at Valley Refrigeration, we see a variety of problems with commercial-grade ice machines. We’ve provided a list of some of the more common issues we see:

  • Hot water leaking into the cold water line: In this case, the ice may melt and the machine may even turn itself off.
  • Water leaking into the machine: If you notice your ice cubes gradually growing larger, you may run into a problem before long. A leaky water valve can make the ice cubes grow and eventually clog your machine’s evaporator.
  • Lower water supply: When the water supply decreases, so does the ice cube size.

Of course, you may not be able to identify the problem or pinpoint the source on your own. If you notice a functionality issue or your machine begins to run less efficiently, give us a call.

Count on Our Experience

We’ve been in the business of commercial ice machine repair in Cincinnati since 1937. In that time, we’ve seen and handled just about every problem you can think of. If you have a concern, trust our repairmen to handle the job quickly.

We know that your business runs on functional kitchen machinery, and we’ll get that machinery back in working condition as soon as possible. We even supply various makes and models of kitchen equipment if you need a replacement.

Find Commercial Ice Machine Repair in Cincinnati

Give us a call at 513-733-1188 to schedule an appointment, email for information and/or service, or visit our website at We’ll be prompt as we deliver the services and products your kitchen requires.